Random Drug Test

December 20,2019- ATS conducts a Random Drug Testing to all employees…


Increasingly, organizations are seeing the value of drug testing. They are viewing it as another line of defense in their safety measures. Drug testing can be a method of avoiding and preventing accidents and potentially costly lawsuits. Implementing a drug program in the workplace will often reduce liability and workmen’s compensation claims and in many cases, premiums.

Drug testing can be one method of identifying those in need of help before things in their life worsen to a devastating level. As things worsen in their lives, not unexpectedly, their performance on the job will also decline. Drug abusers have impact and  heavy toll  to businesses especially on trucking services that may result of low productivity, increased absenteeism and accidents.

As part of preventive measures of Aeternus Management, Random Drug Testing will be mandatory at least 4 times a year or when necessary. The management definitely will impost a disciplinary action and when caught a positive result on random drug test, employee may be terminated after due process.